A Better Way to Build

There’s a housing shortage in our community. Many of our neighbors are struggling to find quality housing that’s safe for their families and also within budget. Together with the State of Indiana and the City of Marion, we’re fighting back against this crisis and rebuilding on open city lots with housing that’s not only affordable, but also built better, smarter, and faster. 

If there’s any chance of closing the gap and reducing this significant housing need, we cannot rely solely on traditional, site-built construction. It simply requires too much time and money; beautiful and custom prefabricated housing is the answer. 

First things first: we are not talking about manufactured (mobile) housing. Unlike manufactured housing, these homes follow the International Residential Code (IRC) just like regular stick-built homes. In fact, prefabricated housing production has improved so much in recent years that the quality now goes toe-to-toe with site-built homes. There are many reasons to build a prefabricated a house, but here are a few of our favorites:​

  1. Cost-saving features: You’re guaranteed to find a cheaper cost per square foot, less man hours required to build, and energy-efficient installations that will save you money in heating and cooling costs. And just like traditional homes, prefabricated homes can also increase in value over time.

  2. Weather isn’t an issue: Here in Indiana, weather is unpredictable. Inclement weather can show up and slow life down at inconvenient times. Because prefabricated homes are manufactured off-site, it’s easier to meet deadlines and keep construction moving along quickly. 

  3. Customization is key: Floor plans can be modified to meet whatever specific housing size, shape, and style your family needs. A wide range of plans and styles are available, which means the design possibilities are endless.

  4. Green construction: New site-built homes create a great deal of waste, most of which ends up at a landfill. The facilities that manufacture prefabricated homes utilize in-plant recycling systems, which means all the excess materials are able to be recycled. The waste is minimal, if not essentially nonexistent.

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