Successful Regal Homeowners

Tasha's Story

Meet Tasha, the first homeowner of the Regal Homes Program. After months of anticipation and preparation, Tasha’s modular home was planted on March 9th, 2021. Upon seeing her new red house settled, Tasha said, “my family and I have always dreamed of becoming homeowners and now, thanks to Regal Homes, our dreams are coming true. We can’t wait to move into our beautiful brand new home: ‘Big Red’. It will be so wonderful to be near family and friends and to only have a 5-minute ride to and from work each day!” 

When she heard about Regal Homes, Tasha was highly interested to apply for the program to build and own a modular home. Tasha is a lifelong resident of Grant County and has rented in the Marion/Swayzee area for decades. The possibility of owning a Regal Home was appealing to Tasha for a variety of reasons; it provided her an opportunity to be a first-time homeowner as well as giving her the freedom to build her dream home. 

The Regal Homes Program utilizes IHCDA’s revolving fund, which permits AHCDC to financially support first-time homeowners like Tasha to purchase their own modular homes. In addition to the partnership with IHCDA, AHCDC collaborated with the City of Marion, who supplied vacant lots to be developed upon. When Tasha selected her lot, she immediately knew it was the perfect fit for her--the size of the lot was ideal, and the location best suited her needs. Using the online custom build program, Tasha was able to customize her modular home, so it appeared like the home Tasha has always dreamed of owning.

Tasha is enthralled that she is able to own the red house that she envisioned for decades. “In my mind, this perfect little red house with its pitched roof and its garage is the best thing ever,” Tasha shares. Furthermore, Tasha’s home comes with new appliances, which she has never owned.

When asked about others applying for the Regal Homes Program, Tasha highly encouraged others to apply. She insisted that the program is not as expensive as one might initially think and it was easier to apply for than she initially thought. Tasha stressed for others to “just apply” since “in the end [a person] will be happier [to own a home] because [the home] is [theirs]” instead of continuing to rent a home. 

Moving from a renter to a homeowner is a significant step towards long-term financial stability. Homeownership helps families create wealth through obtaining an asset--something that can produce a positive economic value, generating more wealth over the long term. 

AHCDC believes that homeownership empowers families and communities to thrive as homeownership builds families and communities up to be strong and stable and overall resilient. AHCDC is committed to addressing the housing shortage in our community of Marion by providing an opportunity for safe and affordable homeownership through Regal Homes.  

See Tasha's Big Red Dream Come True Below
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